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Turn-key installation

Turn-key Services

Now you can Buy, Install, Maintain and Manage with all the guarantees, all the Devices and Digital Channels.


We audit and analyze, the ideal location of the necessary HW, the sizes, the brightness and the technology. We purchase, install and maintain the HW equipment that makes up the channel. We integrate our system into existing channels.


We are experts in producing content (video, graphics, 3D, radio spots…) that help sell more. Entertainment content such as weather, general information, sports information. We are suppliers of music, video clips and audio commercials.


Cloud Management, Agile Content Upload Management, Video-Music Playlist Auto-sync, Profiles affluence, Management of shifts and single row, Integrate mobile loyalty and social media, dynamic rules distribution, intelligent content, Analytics and parameterized reports, HW control and alerts, Firewall anti attack MIT DDOS.


We audit the broadcast of the contents through Google Analytics. We act as an advertising agent and manage the supply of advertising for our clients. We sell your space by (CPM).